Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a two way video stream between you and the interpreter which uses your computer, tablet, or phone.  Though an onsite interpreter is almost always preferable, there are times when securing an interpreter through video is a viable/sensible alternative.

VRI services may be appropriate when:

  • A qualified interpreter is not available near you
  • Your regular interpreter is out sick or otherwise not available
  • You prefer not to involve a local interpreter in a very private matter
  • The travel costs for the interpreting service are not affordable
  • You need the interpreter RIGHT NOW! (24/7 Availability)

We offer VRI by by appointment or on-demand.  The system is secure and gives you access to certified, licensed and highly-skilled interpreters 24/7.  Here is our current list of available languages.

Securing a login to test the system is as easy as emailing