Interpreters / Service Providers

Who do I contact if I have invoice questions?
What is the pay schedule?

Payments are put in the payment queue after 37 days and are processed on Fridays.

What is the best way to note/communicate my availability?

Email advising us when to mark you out for ongoing or one time blocks of time.  You will not receive any reply from that address but someone will take care of blocking out the time on your availability grid.  You may also text 858-799-0123 with the same information if that is more convenient for you. 

Why is it important that I either accept or decline queries?

So that we can get your availability up to date and confirm you are still alive and getting our messages.

What do I do if my team does not show up?

How you manage everything on the job site is YOUR business but we suggest that you shoot us a text message or email so we can support you.

How do I know whether my appointment pays mileage?

If you login to Gridcheck and click on “Travel Charges” you will be able to insert your mileage in the “Miles” column for those jobs on the list where the customer pays mileage.  For customers that don’t pay mileage the boxes will be greyed out.  For customers that don’t pay mileage our standard practice is to include this information in the appointment confirmation. 

If I cover an appointment alone that should be teamed, may I request additional compensation?

Yes.  Sometimes we are able get time and a half for you; not typically double-time.

How do I share pertinent client information so that it gets passed on to future interpreters to assist in serving the client?

Later in the evening, after most jobs,  you will get a request for feedback emailed to you.  Include the information there or in a separate email you initiate to us.  Try to reference the job number when possible.

What do I do if my client does not show up on time?

If your client is a no-show please let us know.   


— There may be a misunderstanding about time or location which we can act on —

— We may be able to find out if the client is almost there or confirm otherwise — 

— We almost always have reporting obligations to the organizational customer which we can’t satisfy if no-shows are not reported.  This especially applies to educational settings and larger organizations where the department that submitted the request for service doesn’t have eyes on the receiving end of the service. —

What do I do if I am running behind and will possibly be late to my appointment?

Communicate with us and allow us to support you

Why are there different people responding to me on email from the NIS Office?

To improve response times. is a shared inbox.  

What does the check envelope look like?

See this blog posting.


Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, and for certain appointments, that is the only form of payment we accept. 

How far in advance must I request service?

There are no rules.  Request service at any time with as much notice as possible. 

Who is responsible to pay for the interpreter?

Typically the business/organization.  Rarely the individual.  

Will I be invoiced for this service?

An agreement is established ahead of time and the organization does receive an invoice.

When can I expect that invoice?

The following week unless otherwise negotiated.

Which forms of payment do you accept

Check, Credit Card, Direct Deposit (EFT)

Which forms of payment do you prefer?

Check or Direct Deposit.  Credit Cards have fees and are a necessary evil.

Why do interpreters have to work in teams?

For occupational safety and quality assurance.

Why are kids always screaming when I talk to Lindsey?

They’re not, it’s just your imagination. 

Lindsey is my favorite. How can I talk to her every time?

You can’t.  This is a pipe dream.  

Why are there different people responding to me on email from the NIS Office?

To improve response times and customer service, is a shared inbox monitored by several staff members.

Can I request a specific interpreter?


Can I give anonymous feedback about an interpreter


Is feedback about an interpreter welcome?

More than welcome.  Encouraged!

Is it or

Either one is fine.  They both come to the same inbox on our side.  

What is the cost of an interpreter?

The cost of service varies according to region and type of work.  Contact us to get pricing information emailed to you.   

Must ASL interpreters be licensed to work?

As of July 1, 2018, Fourteen States have licensing requirements: Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire,  New Mexico, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Wisconsin. 

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