Doc2ASL is a service that translates your written language content into American Sign Language (ASL) and puts it on video for you to utilize as you see fit.  ASL is the preferred mode of communication for many individuals in the Deaf community and by having your written content translated into ASL, you are helping ensure your information is comfortably accessible to the Deaf community.  They will appreciate you for it.

Two types of document translation services are available:

  1.  On-Demand Service: If time is of the essence we can produce something for you quickly for your online channels.
  2.  Professional Videos: On-location shooting and editing with a professional videographer.

How it generally works: 

  1. Submit English text to be translated.
  2. An estimated timeline and Service Agreement for the service will be sent.
  3. Service Agreement is signed, returned to, and received by NIS.
  4. Production begins — following agreed upon timeline and method.
  5. Completed ASL video file is sent to the customer.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive a customized quote.