Gridcheck Login Back to Normal

The login to Gridcheck is back to normal and no longer requiring one to use WWW in the URL.

My sincere apologies for the hassle this caused.

If you notice any misbehavior please clear your cache and try again.

Reach out to us us by text message if you have any issues. That number is 858-799-0123

Phones Down

We are switching phone providers today and it looks like Murphy’s Law is temporarily applying itself to the situation. Thank you for your patience. Email us, chat on the website, or text us as alternatives.

Text: 858-799-0123
Website Chat: (bottom right hand corner of every web page)


ASL Only

Victor recounts the formation of Loco Funk.


Email Changes

Network Interpreting Service has made some email address changes that could have an effect on your communications with us.

  • First,, which was the return address used for emails coming out of our scheduling program, is being phased out. The return address is now If you have filters on your side based on, you should adjust them accordingly. Since your address book may have captured over the years, you should delete it and use when generating an email to our office.
  • We have had, over the years, some aliases that you may find in your address books such as:,,, or any address. You should delete these and only use or when contacting one of our staff directly.

If you sent an email to us this last weekend which we haven’t responded to, please resend it.┬áThere was a time over the weekend when our email was down.

Thank you!