Lindsey Udy Off To Different Pastures

It is with a large measure of sadness that NIS says goodbye to Lindsey Udy, who served as  Executive Assistant since December of 2005.

When she relayed the news to us that she wished to move on to a different employment situation which would be a better fit for her overall lifestyle goals, it was a poignant moment indeed, for everyone.

There are really too many memories to recount here.  When you operate a small company, and someone is as genuinely authentic and accessible as Lindsey, you have a chance to see into the incredibly happy, sad, and hilarious moments of someone’s work and personal life. The views she gifted us of that landscape over many years has undoubtedly enriched our lives.  We will always be grateful.

When she started with NIS, she had no children.  She now has six.

As you can imagine, working from home was in no way an easy task with young children around, but customers and interpreters were always gracious and accommodating.

We’re not sure how we are going to manage successfully without her.  She was, as we have joked for years, everyone’s favorite.

All this being said we will stay in touch and wish her the best on this new path.


ASL Rush by Jeremy Lee Stone

Jeremy Lee Stone says he is not sure what to call this genre. I would offer the word “Quantum” as a possible choice. It’s a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

We’re looking forward to more Quantum ASL Poetry.


Moving to Video

In light of the COVID-19 several customers are preparing to move their meetings and classes to video.  This is no problem!   If you are a customer who would like to consult with us about this, please reach out.   Likewise, if you are an interpreter who is uncertain about your equipment and video setup at home, and wish to talk with us about it, please email or text us.   We, like a lot of people, have years of experience in this realm and would be happy to help.

Gridcheck Email Delays

Please be advised that email originating out of Gridcheck (which relies on SendGrid) is experiencing significant delays.

Idaho RID Workshop / Application of Ethics / Trenton Marsh

Oct 25-26, 2019 is fast approaching!

Location options: Meridian (by video hook up) or face to face in Pocatello.

Between Friday evening and Saturday there is 1.0 CEU available.

Idaho Assoc of the Deaf Conf 2017 / Jerry Wilding

Gridcheck Login Problems / Use WWW.

Today Gridcheck.Com was giving everyone grief if the URL you went to for login did not include WWW.

This will continue to annoy us for another day or two. Once logged in, you don’t have think about it, but the initial login page needs to include the WWW.

If you have any questions please email, chat, or text us.


Check Envelope

For those vendors/interpreters whose invoices are paid by check, rather than EFT, it could be helpful to know what the outside of the envelope looks like, so it is not set aside as junk mail.  At a glance, it might appear to be one of those solicitations that come in the form of a check that you are invited to cash as a way of accepting their offer.

Here is what the check envelope currently looks like:

Sample Check Envelope Image

We have also had interpreters/vendors wonder where the remittance information is because the check does not come with an accompanying stub.  The remittance information is in the top left hand corner of the check and will indicate the invoice number(s) being paid.  It is printed in relatively small font.

Also in the top left corner of the check are the big bold words “Account Number: No Account Number”.   This means that we, NIS, do not have an account number assigned to us by YOU, from your system.  If this check were paying the electric bill, instead of your invoice, our account number with the electric company would appear there.



Phones back in business

Well, it only took almost the entire business day but our phones seem to be reaching live people again now and not just our voice mails. Thank you for your patience and for contacting us through other channels today.

Phones Down

6:46 PM, 10/29/17:

We are aware our phones are down. The VOIP provider we use is working to correct their system-wide problem. We are in the same boat with a lot of other companies at the moment. As alternatives to a phone call you may reach us by email, text, or live-chat on our website. We are, coincidentally, in the process of switching our VOIP phone provider and that will be completed in approximately 2 or 3 more days.

Please click on the “Contact” link at the top of the page to find our email address and text number.

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