Advice on Displaying Your Credentials from the R.I.D.

Displaying Your Credential

One of the privileges of achieving RID certification is the ability to show your credential on your business card, resume, brochures or other advertisements, etc. Your credentials (also called “post-nomial abbreviations”) should be displayed only after your full name (with or without middle initial) in the following order:
Given names (Jr., II, etc.)

Academic degrees from highest level to lowest level above a bachelor degree (bachelor degree credentials are not typically displayed)

State licensure credentials

Professional certifications (such as RID credentials)

Certificants who hold more than one RID certification should display them in the following order: IC, TC, IC/TC, CSC, MCSC, RSC, OIC:V/S, OIC:S/V, OIC:C, CI, CT, CI and CT, CDI, NIC, NIC Advanced, NIC Master, OTC, SC:PA, SC:L, NAD III, NAD IV, NAD V, Ed:K-12.

Here are a few examples of displaying the RID credentials:
Jane L. Doe, MS, CDI, CLIP-R
John Doe, Jr., QAST, CI and CT, Ed:K-12
Jane Lynn Doe, PhD, NIC, SC:L, NAD IV

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NIS Interpreter being air-lifted to an assignnment

“Everything You (May or May Not) Want to Know about Audiology”


For our friends in the Idaho Region:

NIS would like to help spread the word about an upcoming workshop happening on October, 12th, 2012:

IdahoRID and Sorenson Communications Presents!
“Everything You (May or May Not) Want to Know about Audiology”

0.3 CEUs (General Studies)Presenter:
Dr. Mary Whitaker, AuD, CCC-A

Friday, October 12th, 2012
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind
1450 Main Street
Gooding, Idaho 83330
Multi-Purpose Room

For more information, please visit

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