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The login to Gridcheck is back to normal and no longer requiring one to use WWW in the URL.

My sincere apologies for the hassle this caused.

If you notice any misbehavior please clear your cache and try again.

Reach out to us us by text message if you have any issues. That number is 858-799-0123

Gridcheck Login Problems / Use WWW.

Today Gridcheck.Com was giving everyone grief if the URL you went to for login did not include WWW.

This will continue to annoy us for another day or two. Once logged in, you don’t have think about it, but the initial login page needs to include the WWW.

If you have any questions please email, chat, or text us.


Msg from Tara Potterveld / Deaf Legal Rights: Need your help, NOW!

Deaf Legal Rights: Need your help, NOW! Comment before Feb. 12.

California is proposing a new rule of court that does not include Deaf people. Currently, California provides certified interpreters to Deaf people in court. But often the court orders people to complete classes and programs provided by private agencies outside of the court.

If a judge orders Deaf parents to take parenting classes and there are no classes available in ASL, Deaf parents must either pay for interpreters, sue the private program for ADA violations or risk court-ordered separation from their children. 

Or if the court orders Domestic Violence education, but no private program will provide certified interpreters or offer an ASL environment, then the Deaf person must either pay for interpreters or risk being jailed for not complying with the court order.

Deaf people should be included in Rules of Court 1.300, particularly under (c) “…a court should avoid ordering a limited English proficient court litigant to a private program, service or professional that is not language accessible.” And (d) The court may “enter an alternative order or extend time for completion.”

The courts need to ensure that private court-ordered programs follow ADA guidelines. California’s new proposal for interpreting services for court-ordered programs and services does not include Deaf people, only hearing people who do not know English.

Before Feb. 12, let the state know that Deaf people also need to be included in the proposed Rule of Court (1.300) for access in ASL from private or outside agencies that provide services ordered by the court.

Send your comments to

Subject line: Language Access: Language Services in Non-courtroom Programs and Services

Sample email ideas: (Please feel free to submit your own thoughts and wording)

Please include Deaf people in the Non-Courtroom programs proposal Rule 1.300. Courts should maintain a list of court-ordered programs that provide ASL access for Deaf people.

My experience trying to get court-ordered classes was …. (Please include your own experience.)

Even with ADA laws, many court-ordered private programs refuse to provide interpreters for Deaf participants. When the court requires attendance in private programs and services, it should ensure that the agencies offering services will provide certified interpreters for Deaf people or remove those agencies from court approved  lists.

We need certified interpreters for any program or services ordered by the court. It is insufficient, illegal and wrong to expect a family member to provide interpretation for these important services or to ask the Deaf person to pay out of pocket for interpreters.

Don’t punish Deaf People. Because is is so difficult to find court-ordered programs that are ASL based or willing to provide interpreters, courts should not punish Deaf people who are unable to get services in ASL. This is an issue of fairness and justice for Deaf people.

See full proposed rule of court at:

Tara Potterveld, MA, CT&CI, SC:L
Nationally Certified Legal Interpreter
Tele: 510.502.8143

San Diego Memorial Service for Deri Lyn Gough Saldivar

Deri Lyn Gough Saldivar Memorial Service

SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018
10:00 A.M. 

Just south of the big Hilton Hotel

Tecolote Shores is located just south of the Hilton Hotel in East Mission Bay. There is a comfort station with a beach rinse-off shower, a playground, picnic tables, barbecue grills, fire rings and a path for jogging or bike riding. There is access to the water but no lifeguard on duty.

Additional Directions:
From Interstate 5:
Take the Clairemont Drive Exit west toward the bay
Turn left on East Mission Bay Drive
Continue until you see signs that say “Deri Lyn”
The pavilion is south of the Hilton Hotel

Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego ASL Tours

The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego at 1649 El Prado has tours lead by a Deaf docent using American Sign Language. The next one is March 3, from 11a-12noon. The cost is $4.00 per person. (Maximum capacity 30 people) (No reservations) (First come first serve)
How lucky is San Diego?
I’d consider camping outside the door.

Museum of Photographic Art - San Diego, CA

Image provided by:

Gridcheck Maintenance

Gridcheck will be down for maintenance tonight from approximately 10p-1a MST 9p-12midnight PST

Interpreter and Customer Schedule Confirmations Yesterday

Yesterday, due to some technical server updates, the automated schedule reminders of the next day’s schedules were not emailed to interpreters and select customers. We apologize. The issue has been resolved and you should see those emails start up again this afternoon at their regularly scheduled time.


Check Envelope

For those vendors/interpreters whose invoices are paid by check, rather than EFT, it could be helpful to know what the outside of the envelope looks like, so it is not set aside as junk mail.  At a glance, it might appear to be one of those solicitations that come in the form of a check that you are invited to cash as a way of accepting their offer.

Here is what the check envelope currently looks like:

Sample Check Envelope Image

We have also had interpreters/vendors wonder where the remittance information is because the check does not come with an accompanying stub.  The remittance information is in the top left hand corner of the check and will indicate the invoice number(s) being paid.  It is printed in relatively small font.

Also in the top left corner of the check are the big bold words “Account Number: No Account Number”.   This means that we, NIS, do not have an account number assigned to us by YOU, from your system.  If this check were paying the electric bill, instead of your invoice, our account number with the electric company would appear there.



Phones back in business

Well, it only took almost the entire business day but our phones seem to be reaching live people again now and not just our voice mails. Thank you for your patience and for contacting us through other channels today.

Phones Down

We are switching phone providers today and it looks like Murphy’s Law is temporarily applying itself to the situation. Thank you for your patience. Email us, chat on the website, or text us as alternatives.

Text: 858-799-0123
Website Chat: (bottom right hand corner of every web page)

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