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Established in San Diego in 1988, Network Interpreting Service is one of the earliest private sign language interpreting referral agencies in the United States.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Our mission has always been simple: To improve the lives of those we work with and those we serve through flexibility, hard work, and quality service.  We strive to make this a reality by listening to our employees, customers and suppliers and then responding in ways that reflect this commitment.


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Our company was founded in Encinitas, California (San Diego County) in 1988

1993 / Expanded to Idaho

In 1993 the founder and president moved to Idaho for family reasons while the vice president remained in San Diego. 

2004 / Gridcheck Completed

In 2004 we began using Gridcheck for scheduling and management of the business. Not long after this we began leasing the software to other organizations. 

2010 / Going Virtual

We’ve always had some employees working from home but in 2010 we closed our office space in Burley, Idaho and went 100% virtual. 

2018 / Spoken Languages Join In

In 2018 we begin offering over 170 spoken languages over video and telephone both on-demand and by appointment. 

2021 / Gridcheck Spins Off

In 2021 we partner with CSD to spin Gridcheck off into Gridcheck LLC.

Cliff Hanks / President

Cliff established NIS in 1988 in with the help of a business adviser out of San Marcos California.  In those early days it was typewriters, landlines, pagers, notebooks and pencils.  He learned where nearly every pay-phone was in San Diego county and used a pocket-dialer to speed up the process.  He has managed NIS over the past 30 plus years with true kindness, compassion, and a sense of humor we all love.  He’s a master storyteller, an open and supportive leader, will take any idea into consideration, and has numerous unread messages in his giant inbox(es).  Besides researching DKIM, SPF and DMARC email protocols–a bundle of joy– he tortures the staff with new apps and processes in an effort towards continual improvement.  He spends his time working both the front and back end of the operation, including getting in the trenches for some old fashioned interpreting work now and then.

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