Advice for Accommodating Deaf Participants and Interpreters on Zoom

For Zoom meetings involving several participants, it is important to grant both the Deaf participants and the Interpreters the authority to multi-pin. You do not need to make them co-host to accomplish this. You can click on “Participants”, find their name, click/hover on the name, find the 3 dots “…” click, and select “Allow Multi-Pin”. Do this for all of your Deaf and Interpreter participants.

This gives the interpreters and Deaf participants the power to pin all of the interpreters and allows the interpreters to keep tabs on each other for support and switching who is in the hot seat.

As a host, click on the Participants (bottom of Zoom screen) to display the list of participants.

Next, find any and all interpreters and Deaf participants and grant them the power to multi-pin.

How to Multi-Pin

After the host has given you the power to multi-pin, you, as the Deaf participant, can pin all of the interpreters. Likewise, the interpreters can pin each other and all of the Deaf participants. This makes it much easier to follow when the interpreters switch every 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes.

Just find and click “Participants” on the bottom row.

Then click on “More” next to the names of those you want to pin and click Add Pin:

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