Kathi Retires

Hi everyone,

As many of you know, I have been saying I’m 99.9% retired for the past couple of years. Now, the time has come to make that a full 100% retired. Cliff has graciously invited me to say a few words here. Thanks, Cliff!

Now, the hard part: How do I find the words to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have shown me so much kindness and support over the past 20+ years? With fond memories, I think back to my student days and how lucky I was to have such outstanding teachers. Then, there are those Deaf friends who were incredibly generous with their time, helping me practice my new language skills, and who were always willing to meet up with me at Café Crema on Friday nights. To my colleagues and dear friends in the Deaf community… so, so many of you have had a hand in making me a better interpreter and an overall better person. Thank you. I appreciate you more than you know.

Looking back over my interpreting career, there has been one constant from start to finish: NIS. From being an intern, to staff, to a freelance interpreter, it has been a pleasure working with them. I am especially grateful for the many times I picked up the phone, gave them a call, and had incredible staff on the other end who never complained as I talked their ear off. I am going to miss that!

As for the future, for now, I’m staying in San Diego, but that may change in a couple of years. Honestly, we (my hubby and I) just don’t know yet. In the meantime, I will be volunteering at the zoo, and hitting the road a little more often and a little more spontaneously to visit my kids and grandkids.

Thank you, all, and here’s to new adventures!

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