Can you believe it? Shawn, no longer taking care of business for NIS? If she wasn’t the face of NIS for 24 years, she was certainly, for hundreds of vendors and customers, the voice!

Shawn is smart, humble, even-keel, steady, honest, compassionate, and could navigate all elements of the business. She also became everyone’s go-to encyclopedia, holding all the historical institutional knowledge in her head about how things were, back in the day, how they evolved, and how they are now. Processes. Systems. Contacts. Authorizations. Paperwork. There’s a lot to navigate and understand; more than one might first imagine.

Then there is working in an office, working from home, working from an office, working from home, working from an office, working at home. With young children. Without young children. With dogs. Without dogs. With video. Without video. This computer program and then that computer program, and then this technology and then that technology. She had never-ending patience and a good attitude through it all.

She was/is loved and we were exceedingly fortunate to be able to lean on her for so many years. To say she will be missed is a stupid understatement.


  • Thank you for all you’ve done! You will be missed! Happiest of trails!

  • Shawn

    Wishing you the best in the next chapter of your life!!


    • Thank Rose! I enjoyed working with you through the years!

  • Shawn,
    Thank you for your work! So many hours of services were provided to the Deaf/hearing community with your assistance.
    You will be missed!


  • Just saw this post. WHAT?! NIS will definitely not be the same without you! Thank you for all your support over the (MANY) years.
    Congratulations on all those smiling faces! What a beautiful group to be home with 🙂



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