Sarah Hafer / #deafstory

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  • That is my girl! I have learned a lot from my oral experiences by looking back in my far past and understand why hearing people “forced” the deaf children must learn to talk with their voices to meet the hearing world because hearing people are so large than the deaf people. Hearing people NEVER understand what is so important for deaf children to learn how to talk with their voice. You hearing people must know or remember that deaf people have defected hearing while hearing people have no defected fingers therefore there is NO excuse for hearing people to learn how to sign the language. Apparently we all people do not know or understand the one word that deaf people CAN’T hear the words what hearing people talking is called a lack of phonetic so DON’T force the deaf children to learn to talk with their voices. You are wasting their time! It is like “A Clock of Life”. Deaf people use their eyes to learn by sign language. It is not hard to learn the sign language. It is the same way hearing people learn to talk with their voices, is it hard for them to learn to talk with their voice? The answer is NO, that is the same way the deaf people learn to use sign language. My suggestion is you hearing people trying to take a course of ASL 1, thus will help you hearing people to understand how deaf people communicate. Other thing. if you force deaf children to use voices is the same way you force the blind people to drive their cars. I hope you hearing people understand what I am saying.


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