Lindsey Udy Off To Different Pastures


It is with a large measure of sadness that NIS says goodbye to Lindsey Udy, who served as  Executive Assistant since December of 2005.

When she relayed the news to us that she wished to move on to a different employment situation which would be a better fit for her overall lifestyle goals, it was a poignant moment indeed, for everyone.

There are really too many memories to recount here.  When you operate a small company, and someone is as genuinely authentic and accessible as Lindsey, you have a chance to see into the incredibly happy, sad, and hilarious moments of someone’s work and personal life. The views she gifted us of that landscape over many years has undoubtedly enriched our lives.  We will always be grateful.

When she started with NIS, she had no children.  She now has six.

As you can imagine, working from home was in no way an easy task with young children around, but customers and interpreters were always gracious and accommodating.

We’re not sure how we are going to manage successfully without her.  She was, as we have joked for years, everyone’s favorite.

All this being said we will stay in touch and wish her the best on this new path.


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  • Good Luck Lindsey! I will miss you! It was always nice talking to you!


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