Keith Drown / #deafstory / –snippet–

Keith, while in school, was always good about following the rules.


I do have fond memories from High School. (The residential school for the Deaf) We made our share of trouble any time those who were to be supervising us were out of the picture. We did a lot of things but getting to the swimming pool for a splash was always high on the agenda.

In the late night hours there was only one dorm supervisor to elude. We’d find an upper pool window, horizontally hinged and incompletely latched to send a kid through. They would then come around and open the main door for the rest of us. Of course we kept the lights off. It was a blast. When the coast was clear again we’d hightail it back to bed.

Nah, we never got caught.

Anyway, when school finished at 4:00 we would run over to P.E., do our thing, and then head to the dorms. We’d study and do our homework until round-about 10:00 or 10:30. Things would quiet down, we’d all be in bed, conspiring to watch for the supervisor, whose flashlight made him easy to track. (There were 2 floors and 4 rooms total, plus some rooms in another building). When the time was right, everyone was signaled, and we’d go wild.


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