Check Envelope

For those vendors/interpreters whose invoices are paid by check, rather than EFT, it could be helpful to know what the outside of the envelope looks like, so it is not set aside as junk mail.  At a glance, it might appear to be one of those solicitations that come in the form of a check that you are invited to cash as a way of accepting some offer.

Here is what the check envelope looked like in 2017:

Sample Check Envelope Image

We have also had interpreters/vendors wonder where the remittance information is because the check does not come with an accompanying stub.  The remittance information is in the top left hand corner of the check and will indicate the invoice number(s) being paid.  It is printed in relatively small font.

Also in the top left corner of the check are the big bold words “Account Number: No Account Number”.   This means that we, NIS, do not have an account number assigned to us by YOU, from your system.  If this check were paying the electric bill, instead of your invoice, our account number with the electric company would appear there.


  • I still do not understand how to print the invoice this check is referring to where so I fine that

    • Hi Robbie. When you submit an invoice through you receive a copy of your invoice to your email address. If you wish, you can print that email. You can also go to “Invoice Log” through your login at, and search within the date range when you submitted a given invoice and see a printable version there. ~Cliff


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